The Year in Review: Notable Research on Women in Higher Education in 2020

Over the course of 2020, WIAReport has published a large number of posts highlighting research on women in higher education. In case readers missed some of these posts, here are links to some of the items published over the past year that related to research on women in higher education.

The Gender Gap in Finance Faculty Positions at the Leading Business Schools in the United States

International Study Finds That Women Are Underrepresented as First Authors in Medical Research

Is the Choice of College Major a Significant Factor in the Gender Wage Gap Later in Life?

Male College Students Ask for and Receive Favorable Grade Changes More Often Than Their Women Peers

Gender Differences in Lifetime Publishing Productivity Are Largely the Result of Career Length

How the Aging of American Faculty Will Affect Gender Diversity in Academia

Survey Finds That More Than 40 Percent of Women Medical Students Report Mistreatment

Mentors and Role Models Can Make the Difference for Women in Academic Economics

New Study Finds a Large Gender Pay Gap at the Highest Levels of Academic Medicine

Research Shows a Way That Might Increase Retention of Women in College-Level Economics

How the Level of Education Impacts the Nation’s Divorce Rate

Eliminating Names From Research Proposals Boosts Women’s Acceptance Rates

New Report Examines the Status of Women Administrators in Higher Education

Report Examines the Status of Women Faculty in American Higher Education

Gender Differences in Manuscript Submission Rates for a Leading Journal in Political Science

Examining Degree Attainments at the Nation’s Women’s Colleges

A Check-Up on Gender Disparities in the Field of Orthopedic Surgery

How Will the Economic Crisis Due to the Pandemic Impact Women’s Student Loan Debt?

High Alcohol Use Among College Students May Be More Damaging to Women Than Men

Study Finds Differences in Gender Roles in Group Labs in the Field of Physics

Women Making Little or No Progress in College Sports Administration and Coaching

The Experiences of Women of Color at Law Schools in the United States

Survey Reveals That Many Women Economists Feel They Are Not Welcome in the Profession

Research Finds a More Effective Mentoring Formula for Women Faculty in STEM Fields

A Huge Gender Imbalance in Leadership Positions in Academic Hospital Medicine Programs

Women Scientists Rarely Highlighted in Biology Textbooks, But Progress Is Being Made

Study Led by Scholar at the University of Georgia Finds Gender Gap in Patent Approvals

Women Surgeons in Academic Medicine Hold Their Own in Grant Competitions

U.S. Department of Education Reports New Data on Campus Sexual Assaults

What Happens to Women College Graduates After They Get Their Degree?

Women’s Class Participation Increases With a Woman Instructor and More Women Classmates

Women in Academic Surgery Are Winning a Fair Share of National Institute of Health Grants

No Progress in Increasing Gender Diversity in Academic Publishing in the Field of Chemistry

Gender Gap in Authorship of Medical Research Widened During Early Stages of the Global Pandemic

Women Being Shut Out of College and University Varsity Programs in Esports

Women Are Making Vast Progress in Academic Psychology But Gender Gaps Remain

Women Are More Prominent in “Open Science” Than the Traditional “Reproducibility” Movement

Women Are More Likely to Apply to College and More Likely to Be Accepted for Admission Than Men

A Snapshot of Women Enrollments in Graduate Schools in the United States

Master’s Degrees Awarded in Many Disciplines Are Heavily Segregated by Gender

The Gender Gap in Scholarly Productivity During the Pandemic May Have Long-Term Consequences

Study Finds Gender Bias in Evaluations of Graduate Teaching Assistants

Study Claims That Early-Career Women Scientists May Do Better If They Have a Male Mentor

The Nationwide Gender Gap in College Graduation Rates

Survey Finds Women Are Making Progress in Enrollments at High-Ranking Business Schools

The Impact of Education and Gender on Tobacco Use by American Adults

How Well Do the Nation’s Women’s Colleges Succeed in Graduating Their Students?

AAUP Report Examines the Status of Women in the Academy

National Science Foundation Reports a Slight Drop in Doctoral Degree Attainments by Women


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