AAUP Report Examines the Status of Women in the Academy

The American Association of University Professors has published a report on the status of women in the academy. Among the key finding of the study are:

• Women make up 46.7 percent of full-time faculty members, 53.8 percent of part-time faculty members, and 50.0 percent of faculty members overall.

• Among women faculty members, 49.6 percent are employed part-time, whereas only 42.5 percent of men faculty members are employed part-time.

• Women make up 42.5 percent of full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members.

• Salaries for full-time women faculty members are approximately 81.2 percent of men’s. Among tenured or tenure-track faculty members, women earn 82.4 percent of what men earn.

• Among tenure-line faculty members, women make up 50.0 percent of assistant professors but only 45.0 percent of associate professors and 32.5 percent of full professors.

The authors conclude that “women faculty members continue to face unique challenges in academia with respect to employment, advancement, salary, and job security. The underrepresentation of women among faculty in higher education affects not only those seeking careers in academia but also the success of the students they serve.”

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