Report Examines the Status of Women Faculty in American Higher Education

A new report from the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources examines the status of faculty at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Some of the data is broken down by gender.

Among the findings in the reports are that:

* Nearly half of full-time faculty are women. In contrast, only 43 percent of department heads/chairs are women.

* The representation of women decreases with progression in rank. This decrease is not limited to faculty that were promoted long ago; the decrease is seen even in faculty promoted within the past year.

* Women faculty are paid less equitably with each increase in rank.

* The discipline of Family/Consumer Sciences has the highest percentage of female faculty.


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  1. Rachel Roper says:

    There is so much data showing gender bias in academia! My review article on real data on Gender Bias in Science and Academia and ways to address problems was published in the American Society for Microbiology Journal, Microbiology & Molecular Biology Reviews 83(3). 2019

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