First-Year Women Students at the Nation’s Leading Research Universities

Of the 28 high-ranking research universities for which we have data, women were a majority of the entering students at 18 schools. This is the same number as a year ago. Four years ago, women were a majority at only 11 high-ranking universities.

First-Year Women Students at the Nation’s Leading Liberal Arts Colleges

A survey of the nation’s highest-ranking co-educational liberal arts colleges to determine the percentage of women in this year’s entering classes. Also: gender differences in acceptance rates and whether women have made gains in enrollments.

A Record Number of Women Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

The National Academy of Sciences recently announced the election of 100 new members. This year, 40 of the new members are women, the most ever elected to the academy in a single year.

Twelve Women Assistant Professors Named 2019 Cottrell Scholars

These awards provide $100,000 to each recipient identified as a leader in integrating science teaching and research at a top U.S. research university or a primarily undergraduate institution.

Women Make Big Strides at the National Academy of Engineering

It appears that there are 33 women among the 83 new members of the National Academy of Engineering. This is a huge increase from a year ago, when 19 women were among the 83 new members.

Fourteen Women “Geniuses” Win MacArthur Fellowships

The Chicago-based MacArthur Foundation has announced the selection of 25 individuals in this year’s class of MacArthur Fellows. Fourteen women are among the 25 new MacArthur Fellows.