The Lingering Effects from the COVID-19 Pandemic on American Women

The experimental Household Pulse Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau is designed to quickly and efficiently deploy data collected on how people’s lives have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The latest survey data was collected in September and October 2023.

Here are some results relating to women:

1. More than 36 million women reported feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge on several days and more than 13 million women said they feel that way on more than half of all days. Some 18.7 million said they felt nervous, anxious, or on edge nearly every day.

2. About half of all women reported symptoms of depression. Some 18 million women reported they feel depressed nearly every day.

3. Nearly three of every five women reported that they had difficulty paying for basic household needs in the week before the survey. More than 24 million women said they had great difficulty meeting basic expenses.

4. More than 600,000 women homeowners said it was very likely or somewhat likely that they would face a bank foreclosure within two months. More than 1.4 million women reported that they would very likely or somewhat likely to evicted from rental units within the next two months.


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