Women Continue to Face Bias When Seeking Employment in the Tech Industry

A new study by Hired, an online job placement firm based in New York City, finds that women continue to face bias when seeking employment in the tech industry. The survey found that in 38 percent of the jobs posted for tech jobs, only men were sent interview requests for the positions. This was up one percentage point from 2021. The good news is that in 2018 only men received interview requests for 45 percent of the positions.

The survey also found that only 25 percent of women felt they had adequate knowledge or resources to request compensation in line with the market, their role of interest, and their skills and experience. Nearly 40 percent of men said they had the knowledge to request appropriate compensation. Nearly one quarter of women said they need “a lot of help” in this area, compared to 18 percent of men.

The study also found that 20 percent of tech companies were scaling back diversity, equity, and inclusion programs due to budget constraints. This may further complicate efforts to bring more women into tech fields.

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