Gender Disparities in Applications, Admissions, and Enrollments for the Fall of 2020

New data from the U.S. Department of Education shows gender differences in applications, admissions, and enrollments in U.S. higher education.

Women produced a total of 6,595,831 first-year applications for enrollment in classes for the fall 2020 semester at four-year colleges and universities. In contrast, men submitted 4,888,015 applications for fall 2020 first-time enrollment at four-year institutions. Thus, women accounted for 57.4 percent of all applications to four-year colleges and universities that year.

A total of 4,130,711 applications from women for places at four-year colleges were accepted for admission. This produced an acceptance rate of 62.6 percent. For men, 58.1 percent of all applications for admission to four-year colleges were accepted. (Note: Many students apply to and are accepted at multiple colleges and universities.)

A total of 830,377 women enrolled full-time at four-year colleges and universities in the fall of 2020, compared to 646,780 men. So women were 56.2 percent of all first-time, full-time enrollments for fall 2020. Remember, too, that enrollments overall were down significantly that year due to the pandemic.

Nearly 37,000 applications for enrollment in degree programs at two-year colleges were submitted by women compared to 20,952 men. Thus, women accounted for 63.4 percent of all applications for degree programs at two-year institutions.


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