New Government Data Show Gender Differences in How Americans Spend Their Day

New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics finds gender differences in how much time men and women spent on various activities in 2021. Here are some of the highlights of the report.

* Women spend an average of 2.33 hours per day on household activities (cooking, cleaning, etc.) Men spend an average of 1.54 hours on household chores.

* Women spend twice as much time as men caring for other members of their household.

* Men ages 35 to 44 spend an average of 5.86 hours per day working. Women in this age group work an average of 4.38 hours per day.

* Men spend 5.6 hours per day on leisure or sports activities compared to less than 5 hours for women.

* Women spent more time than men on shopping, educational activities, and talking on the phone.

* More than 71 percent of all men employed full-time in 2021 worked outside their homes and spent an average of 8.06 hours at their workplaces. For women employed full-time, 64.9 percent worked outside their homes and spent an average of 7.53 hours at their workplaces.

* Some 36.7 percent of men who worked full-time did at least some work at home each day. For full-time women workers, 43.5 percent did at least some work at home.

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