In Sports Betting, Women Bet Less Than Men But Have More Success

Even before betting on sports became legal in most areas of the United States, it was estimated that nearly $400 billion was bet on sports annually. A new study examines gender differences in sports betting.

The authors found that men accounted for 57 percent of all bettors but 72 percent of all dollars spent on sports betting in the United States. Furthermore, the authors found that 29.7 percent of male bettors placed more than $500 in sports bets per month, but only 12.2 percent of women bettors did. The study found that 65.2  percent of women who wager on sports regularly in the United States, risk less than $100 per month.

The study found that nearly 60 percent of all people who bet on sports have a college degree and 28 percent have a graduate degree.

A 2020 study commissioned by 888 Holdings, revealed that women bettors in the state of New Jersey saw a 19.7 percent return on their bets, while men lost 5 percent. The study found that in the age group 25-34, women lost 12.2 percent in online casino games, while men lost 23.8 percent.

The full study, “American Sports Bettors Pray for the Best – Who Bets on Sports in the US?” may be accessed here.

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