Women Are Far Less Likely Than Men to Die as a Result of Work-Related Injuries, But the Gap is Shrinking

New statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that in 2019, 5,333 American workers died after suffering injuries while working. This is up by more than 10 percent since 2015.

When we break down the figures by gender, we see that 437 women died from work related-injuries in 2019. This was 8.2 percent of all work-related fatalities due to injury. Construction workers and transportation workers were the most likely to suffer fatal work-related injuries. Women make up a small percentage of all workers in these occupations.

While women make up a low percentage of all work-related fatalities due to injuries, the number of deaths has been increasing. In 2015, 344 women died as a result of work-related injuries. Thus, the number of women fatalities has increased by 27 percent since 2015, a far higher rate of increase than for the population as a whole.

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