University of New Hampshire Study Finds Half of All Women Have Experienced Sexual Harassment at Work

According to new research from the Carsey School of Public Policy and the Prevention Innovations Research Center at the University of New Hampshire52 percent of women and 22 percent of men in the state of New Hampshire have been victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The researchers found that 33 percent of women stated they suffered work-related consequences such as financial loss and being fired or demoted and 21 percent of women reported quitting their job as a result of the harassment. Additionally, 27 percent of women reported experiencing anxiety and depression after their most recent sexual harassment victimization.

“Sexual harassment is problematic for the workplace, as it reduces worker morale and job satisfaction, diminishes productivity, and increases absenteeism and worker withdrawal,” the researchers write. “It can be indicative of a toxic environment if employers fail to address harassers or protect victims. Employers would do well to invest in prevention, such as bystander intervention training, and encourage victims’ use of supports to mitigate the negative effects of workplace sexual harassment.”

The full brief, “Half of Women in New Hampshire Have Experienced Sexual Harassment at Work,” can be accessed here.

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