Enrollments in Higher Education Are Down But the Gender Gap Has Widened

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center has released its new report on student enrollments in U.S. higher education. The data shows that enrollments in U.S. higher education have dropped for the sixth year in a row. However, the data shows that the rate of decline has been reduced. Enrollments in the fall of 2017 were just 1 percent lower than in the fall of 2016.

The report provides enrollment data broken down by gender. The data show that there were 10,787,270 women enrolled in higher education this fall compared to 8,024,010 men. Thus, women were 57.3 percent of total enrollments in higher education. In 2017, enrollments of women were down 0.7 percent from a year ago. Male enrollments were down by 1.5 percent, more than double the rate for women.

Women held an even larger share of total enrollments at private, nonprofit colleges and universities. At these institutions, women made up 59.1 percent of all students. And women’s enrollments at these private, nonprofit colleges and universities remained steady while male enrollments at these schools declined by nearly 1 percent.

Women were 55.7 percent of all students at four-year state operated colleges and universities and 57 percent of total enrollments at two-year public colleges.

Women were 67 percent of all enrollments in for-profit educational institutions, but women’s enrollments at these for-profit institutions was down by 6 percent.

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