On the Issue of Gender Equality, Highly Educated Women Are More Likely to Rate Their Employers Poorly

A new study by PayScale Inc. finds that women make 76 cents for every dollar made by men in the United States. When controlling for factors such as job level, age, education, full- or part-time status etc., women made 98 cents for every dollar made by men. In Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, and the District of Columbia, women make more money than men when all factors are equal.

The report also surveyed women on how they perceived their employers on issues of gender equality. They found that women with higher levels of education tend to give their employers poorer marks on issues of gender equality than women with lower levels of education. For example, 24.3 percent of women with no further education than high school gave their employers low marks on gender equality. But 37 percent of women with an MBA and 36.1 percent of women with a Ph.D. rated their employers poorly on issues of gender equality.

The full study, Inside the Gender Pay Gap: The Truth About Women, Work, and Equal Pay, may be found here.

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