New Report Examines Gender Differences in Computer Science Education

googlereportA new report from Google takes a look at gender differences in computer science education.

Among the findings in the report are:

  • Some 46 percent of male students report that their parents have told them they are likely to be good at computer science, compared to 27 percent of female students.
  • Nearly 40 percent of male students report that teachers have told them they would be good at computer science. Only 26 percent of female students report similar encouragement from their teachers.
  • More than one third of all male students said they were “very interested” in learning computer science in the future. Only 16 percent of female students agreed.
  • Nearly two thirds of male students say they are confident they could learn computer science if given the opportunity. Only 48  percent of female students showed the same confidence in the ability to master computer science.

The report, Diversity Gaps in Computer Science: Exploring the Underrepresentation of Girls, Blacks, and Hispanics, 2016, can be downloaded by clicking here.

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