University of Waterloo Gives Bonus to Women Faculty Members to Address the Gender Pay Gap

University of WaterlooThere have been several studies over the past few years documenting the persisting gender pay gap in faculty positions at colleges and universities. (See, for example, this earlier WIAReport post.) Some of these studies have shown that even when men and women have the same rank, experience, age, publication record  etc., they tend to be paid less than their male counterparts.

The University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, has taken steps in the past to address the issue. But a new study found that a gender pay gap has reemerged. As a result, the university announced that all women faculty members of record on April 30, 2015 will receive a payment of $2,905 to address the gender pay gap.

morrison_0Aimee Morrison, an associate professor of English at the University of Waterloo, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that “inequities have crept back into the system. The problem must be structural, and it doesn’t have to be intentional. How these salaries split apart from each other is not clear. The causes are going to be very complex.” Dr. Morrison holds a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta.

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