Women in the Workforce: New Report Examines Changing Demographics

EEOCThe United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has published a new report on the status of women and minorities in the U.S. workforce. The report examines progress by women in nine job categories between 1966 and 2013.

Among the findings of the study are:

  • Between 1966 and 2013, women’s participation rates in the workforce increased from 31.5 percent to 48.7 percent.
  • Women continue to experience occupational segregation. For example in 2013, women were just 7.3 percent of all craft workers, while women made up 75.6 percent of the employees in the “office and clerical worker” category.
  • In 2013, women represented 53.2 percent of all professionals but only 38.6 percent of “officials and managers.”
  • In 2014, 19,605 women filed sexual discrimination complaints with the EEOC.

The report, American Experiences Versus American Expectations, can be viewed here.

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