Baylor University Study Finds College Women Are Addicted to Their Cellphones

Baylor-LogoA study conducted at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, found that college women spend an average of 10 hours a day on their cellphones. Some 60 percent of college students admit that they may be addicted to cellphone use. College students reported that they spent an average of 94.6 minutes a day sending or receiving text messages.

College women, on average, texted 105 minutes per day. More than half of all college women reported that they sent more than 40 text messages a day, on average. College women spent more time on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter than college men. The study found that college men and women sent about the same number of emails on their phones but men tended to send shorter messages and spent less time emailing.

The authors found that “women may be more inclined to use cellphones for social reasons such texting or emails to build relationships and have deeper conversations.” On the other hand, the authors report that college men are more occupied with using their cellphones for utilitarian or entertainment purposes, including gaming.

The study, ““The Invisible Addiction: Cellphone Activities and Addiction Among Male and Female College Students,” was published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions. The study may be downloaded by clicking here.

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