University Study Finds a Significant Gender Wage Gap for Art Museum Directors

VossThe National Center for Arts Research at Southern Methodist University in Dallas in conjunction with the Association of Art Museum directors has released a new study on women serving as directors of art museums. The SMU center is directed by Zannie Giraud Voss, professor of arts management and arts entrepreneurship at the university. Dr. Voss is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University and holds an MBA from Texas A&M University. She earned a Ph.D. in management science services from the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises in France.

The survey results showed that women held 42.6 percent of all art museums directorships. The gender disparity was even more pronounced in the salaries of museum directors. The results showed that women directors earned, on average, 79 cents for every dollar earned by male directors.

The gender differences in wages were even wider at larger museums. At these museums, women directors earned only 71 cents for every dollar earned by male directors. At museums with a budget under $15 million, women held a majority of the directorships and earned on par with male directors.

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