Women at Georgia Tech: Generally Satisfied But Some Issues Remain

logo-georgia-techThe Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta recently completed a survey of members of the campus community on issues of diversity and inclusiveness. Respondents included 439 faculty members, more than 2,400 staff members, and nearly 3,800 students.

About 80 percent of all respondents stated that the university generally offers a comfortable and inclusive environment. But more than half of all women faculty members stated that they had experienced instances of marginalization on campus over the past three years. Only 11 percent of male faculty members said they felt marginalized.

Only 41 percent of women faculty said that they felt supported by their department chairs in efforts to obtain grant money. Some 62 percent of male faculty members said they were supported by their department leaders in grant proposals.

Some 57 percent of women faculty said they were satisfied with the university’s efforts to retain faculty from diverse backgrounds. About 81 percent of male faculty members thought the university was doing a good job in this area.

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