New Mothers’ Personality Traits May Affect Breastfeeding Behavior

SwanseaA study by Amy Brown of Swansea University in the United Kingdom finds that personality traits can be used to predict the likelihood that a new mother will breastfeed her infant.

Dr. Brown surveyed 602 mothers with infants between the ages of six to 12 months. The survey showed that mothers who were extroverted and showed lower levels of anxiety were more likely to breastfeed and were more likely to continue breastfeeding for longer periods. Dr. Brown concludes that women with certain personality traits may need additional support and education so that they feel more comfortable about the breastfeeding process.

“The important message is that some mothers may face more challenges with breastfeeding based on their wider personality,” Dr. Brown stated. “Although they may want to breastfeed, more introverted or anxious mothers may need further support in boosting their confidence and learning about how to solve problems, and they may need encouragement to make sure they access the breastfeeding support services that are available.”

The research was published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing.

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