Many Teenage Victims of Dating Violence Were Abused by Two or More Partners

A study conducted at Ohio State University finds that one third of women who were victims of dating violence as teenagers had two or more abusive relationships. The study involved hundreds of college students who recalled their history of dating violence between the ages of 13 and 19. The violent incidents include physical, sexual, and psychological abuse.

More than one half of the students in the study who suffered from abuse, reported multiple incidents. Some 15 percent of students who were abused reported that they had been victimized 20 or more times. The study was published on the website of the journal BMC Public Health.

Amy Bonomi, associate professor of human development and family science at Ohio State and lead author of the study, stated “There is a common belief in our society that dating violence only affects low-income and disadvantaged teens. But these results show that even relatively privileged kids, who are on their way to college, can be victims.”

Dr. Bonomi is a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago. She earned a master of public health degree and a Ph.D. in health services from the University of Washington.

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