Harvard and Yale Lead the Ivy League in Graduation Rates for Women

The eight Ivy League colleges are generally considered to be among the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the nation. All of these institutions have graduation rates for women of over 90 percent. Nationwide the college graduation for women is 65 percent.

At both Harvard and Yale, 98 percent of all women students earn their degree within six years. The graduation for women at Princeton, Brown, and Dartmouth is 96 percent. Columbia University trails the Ivy League with a still very respectable 91 percent graduation rate for women.

Columbia is the only Ivy League college at which men graduate at a higher rate than women. The graduation rate for men at Columbia is 93 percent. At the University of Pennsylvania, both men and women graduate at a rate of 95 percent. At the other six Ivy League schools women graduate at a higher rate than men. The biggest gender gaps are at Cornell and Dartmouth where women graduate at a rate three percentage points higher than the rate for men.

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  1. S. Beasley says:

    It would be nice to see this information disaggregated by race/ethnicity. Prior research suggests that when women are discussed most people simply think of White women. Exploring within gender differences in graduation rates would be informative.

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