Full-Time Enrollments in Higher Education: Women Outnumber Men in 47 of the 50 States

According to data from the U.S. Department of Education, in 2008 women made up 55.4 percent of all full-time enrollments in degree granting institutions nationwide. But in the various states, the range of women as a percentage of total enrollments ranged from a low of 49.4 percent in Utah to a high of 63.1 percent in Arizona.

There were only two states other than Utah where more men were enrolled in higher education than women. In North Dakota, women made up 49.8 percent of the total enrollments. In Vermont, there were 16,160 women enrolled compared to 16,186 men.

In addition to Arizona, the only other state where women made up 60 percent or more of the total enrollments was Mississippi. In the District of Columbia and Kentucky, women were 58 percent of the total enrollments.

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