There Are 100,000 More Men Than Women in Faculty Ranks

The conventional wisdom is that women are outpacing men in every area of higher education. But this is not the case.

New data from the Department of Education shows that women make up just 43 percent of all full-time instructional faculty at degree-granting institutions in the United States. The latest figures show that there are 415,821 men teaching at colleges and universities compared to 313,156 women.

At the highest ranks, the gender gap is even greater. Women make up only 28 percent of all full professors at colleges and universities. At the associate professor level, women hold 41 percent of all positions.

Women are still a minority at the assistant professor level. Women make up 48.4 percent of all assistant professors. In contrast, women are 55.3 percent of all instructors and 52.8 percent of all lecturers.


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