Ranking the Flagship State Universities on Their Enrollments of Women

Nationwide, in 2009 women made up 56.1 percent of all undergraduate enrollments at the nation’s colleges and universities. But at most of the nation’s flagship state universities women were a smaller percentage of the total enrollments.

There were some exceptions. At the University of South Dakota and the University of the District of Columbia, women were 62 percent of all enrollments in 2009. This was the highest percentage of women students at the flagship universities. The only other flagship state university where women were at least 60 percent of all undergraduate students was at the University of Alaska.

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Georgia, and the University of Delaware, women were at least 57 percent of the undergraduate student body.

In 16 states, men were the majority of all undergraduate students at the flagship state university. At the University of Utah, West Virginia University, and Pennsylvania State University, women made up 45 percent of all undergraduate students. This was the lowest level among the flagship state universities.


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