USC Research Aims to Improve Consistency of Vocal Quality for Professional Women Singers

New research at the University of Southern California is aimed at improving the consistency of women’s voices during monthly hormonal variations. Previous research has shown that hormonal fluctuations and menopause can impact the range and quality of vocal performances, which can be problematic for professional vocalists.

Cynthia Munzer, an associate professor at USC’s Thornton School of Music and a mezzo-soprano with more than 220 performances at the Metropolitan Opera, states, “The opportunity to learn more about the delicate variances of the voice and present suitable noninvasive therapies in order to produce consistently strong and healthy tones during monthly hormonal changes is certainly one of our goals.”

Professor Munzer is working with scientists at USC’s Keck School of Medicine to determine if various therapies can produce greater consistency in vocal performance for professional women singers.

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