Seven Women Scholars Appointed to New Faculty Positions

Christine Brodsky has been appointed chair of the department of biology and the department of chemistry at Pittsburg State University in Kansas. She is an associate professor of biology who studies and teaches courses on ecology, conservation, and wildlife management.

Dr. Brodsky is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, where she majored in biology. She holds a master’s degree in wildlife ecology from the University of Delaware and a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology from the University of Missouri Columbia.

Rachel Smith has joined the faculty of the Jewish studies program in the School of Humanities at the University of California, Irvine. She most recently served as a postdoctoral fellow with the Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies at Columbia University in New York.

Dr. Smith holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in linguistic anthropology from New York University, dual-master’s degrees in Jewish history and education from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, and a Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Elizabeth Selvin has been named director of the Welch Center for Epidemiology and Clinical Research at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a professor of epidemiology with an additional appointment in the division of general internal medicine within the School of Medicine.

Dr. Selvin completed her undergraduate education at Northwestern University in Illinois. She holds a master of public health degree from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in public health from Johns Hopkins University.

Ayşegül Şahin will join the faculty at Princeton University as a professor of economics and public health. She has been with the University of Texas faculty for the past eight years, currently serving as the Richard J. Gonzalez Regents Chair in Economics.

Dr. Şahin is a graduate of Bilkent University in Ankara, Türkiye, where she received a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in electrical engineering. She holds a second master’s degree and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Rochester in New York.

Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman has been named an associate professor in Center of African and African American Studies and the department of sociology at Rice University in Texas. She comes to her new position from the University of South Florida, where she serves as the College of Arts and Sciences Racial Justice Initiative Chair. She is the author of The Color of Love: Racial Features, Stigma, and Socialization in Black Brazilian Families (University of Texas Press, 2015) and Second-Class Daughters: Black Brazilian Women and Informal Adoptions as Modern Slavery in Brazil (Cambridge University Press, 2022).

Dr. Hordge-Freeman is a graduate of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where she double-majored in Spanish and biological sciences. She holds a master’s degree and Ph.D. in sociology from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

Carole Murphey has been appointed director of the Mississippi Judicial College at the University of Mississippi School of Law. She has been with the college for nearly three decades, holding positions such as staff attorney, research counsel, and interim director.

Murphey is a graduate of Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, where she majored in English. She holds a juris doctorate from the University of Mississippi.

Ailsa Lipscombe has joined the faculty at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music as an assistant professor of ethnomusicology. She currently serves as a postdoc with Te Herenga Waka-Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.

Dr Lipscombe received her master of music degree from Te Herenga Waka-Victoria University. She holds a second master’s degree and Ph.D. in music from the University of Chicago.

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