University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Establishes Cybersecurity Exchange Program for Women

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has partnered with Nagoya University in Japan to establish the Women’s Undergraduate Cybersecurity Engagement Program. The initiative will allow seven women students from Nagoya University and the University of North Carolina to travel to their partnering institution and participate in cybersecurity learning opportunities.

The students from Nagoya University traveled to the University of North Carolina Hill in September. Their program including interactive workshops led by university faculty and a visit with the North Carolina Cybersecurity Task Force. In December, the students from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill visited Nagoya University where they participated in a hacking threat simulation.

“Cybersecurity is not just a technical problem. It’s also a political and business problem that affects everyone,” said Tim Rose, associate director for Global Affairs at the University of North Carolina. “This program goes beyond just educating students about cybersecurity. It brings women from allied nations together to work towards a greater goal.”

The Global Affairs office and Nagoya University have established plans for similar exchange programs in the entrepreneurship and biomedical engineering fields.

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