Three Women Who Have Been Appointed to Named Professorships

Shivani Bothra is the inaugural Bhagwan Suvidhinath Endowed Chair in Jain Studies in the department of religious studies at California State University, Long Beach. Dr. Bothra is a scholar specializing in non-violence, modernization, and women in Jainism, an ancient religion emphasizing Ahimsa (non-violence), Apringraha (non-materialism), and Anekantavada (plurality of beliefs). She was a postdoctoral researcher at Rice University in Houston.

Dr. Bothra is a graduate eof Loreto College in West Bengal, India. She earned a master’s degree in religious studies from Florida International University and a Ph.D. in religious studies from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

Mary Sandoval was named the Seabury Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. The Seabury Professorship was the first endowed chair created by the college in 1830. Dr. Sandoval, an expert in the area of spectral geometry, joined the college’s faculty in 1999. Before joining Trinity College, Dr. Sandoval worked as a government mathematician for the U.S. Department of Energy, helping to develop mathematical models that were used to analyze proposed revisions to the Clean Air Act of 1990.

Dr. Sandoval is a graduate of Yale University, where she majored in mathamatics. She holds a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in mathematics from Michigan State University.

Gail Randolph was appointed a Provost Professor at Florida A&M University. A provost professor serves as a chief liaison and strategist to the university provost who will develop collaborative partnerships with university leaders on programs and projects that impact the local community. Dr. Randolph joined the faculty at the university in 2015 and currently teaches in the School of Allied Health Sciences.

Professor Randolph, who holds a doctor of physical therapy degree, will use her new position to foster research to improve and transform conditions for local stakeholders, including public agencies, nonprofits, and community-based organizations.

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