Maureen Donnelly Wins Award for Excellence in Herpetology

The American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists has honored biologist Maureen Donnelly of Florida International University with the Henry S. Fitch Award for Excellence in Herpetology. This is considered the highest honor within the field of amphibian studies

The award recognizes long-term excellence in the study of amphibian and reptile biology, based principally on the quality of research as well as educational and service impacts of the awardee’s career. Donnelly was nominated by her students for her contributions in research, teaching, mentoring, and service that span more than five decades.

“It is an honor to be one of the four women who have been recognized for their achievement and an honor to be will all the scientists who have been recognized since the award was established,” Dr. Donnelly said.

Dr. Donnelly’s research focuses on the ecology, behavior, and conservation of tropical amphibians and reptiles, among them frogs, salamanders, lizards, and snakes. She has examined the loss of amphibians and reptiles, and her work has identified widespread declines in species and habitats.

Professor Donnelly received a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton. She earned a Ph.D. from the University of Miami.

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