Nanette Veilleux Recognized for Her Mentoring of Undergraduate Students in Computing Research

Nanette Veilleux, professor of mathematics, computing, and statistics at Simmons University in Boston, has received the Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentoring Award from the Computing Research Association-Education. The award recognizes faculty members within the field of computer science who have provided exceptional mentorship to undergraduates.

“I am honored by the recognition, but what really impresses and touches me the most is that I have students who have put me up for the award,” says Professor Veilleux about receiving the mentoring award. “I have mentees who feel so strongly about me that they wrote letters and testimonials on my behalf. The award reminds me that I have touched many lives and many lives have touched me.”

Dr. Veilleux added that “when you mentor a person, it’s more than just giving them a series of instructions. You really need to know them: know what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, and advise them on how to offset their weaknesses and play to their strengths. A lot of our conversations circle back to the question: what gives you joy? What will make you thrive in this world?”

Professor Veilleux joined the faculty at what s now Simmons University in 1999. Her research interests include computational models of speech, as well as investigations of pedagogical methods in STEM education.

Dr. Veilleux holds a bachelor’s degree in biophysics, a master’s degree in electrical engineering, and a Ph.D. in systems engineering, all from Boston University.

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