Four American Women Share Best Book Award From the American Political Science Association

Four women scholars have received the C. Herman Pritchett Award from the American Political Science Association for the best book on the law and the courts. The four authors were honored for the book Reimagining the Judiciary: Women’s Representation on High Courts Worldwide (Oxford University Press, 2022).

The four women sharing the prize are:

Maria C. Escobar-Lemmon, a professor of political science and associate sean of liberal arts at Texas A&M University.

Valerie J. Hoekstra Is an associate professor of political science in the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University.

Alice J. Kang is an associate professor in the department of political science and Institute for Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Miki Caul Kittilson is a professor in the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University.

The book examines women’s representation in the high courts in five country case studies based on interviews and archival research and provides a theoretical framework explaining how it has changed over time.

“Most fundamentally, our book calls for a shift in mindset from placing the onus on women to thinking about institutional transformation of the judiciary,” said co-author Miki C. Kittilson of Arizona State University. “The inclusion of women in decision-making is not simply about having women in the pipeline, nor providing more training for women. We must also redesign established practices of selection and reimagine who can and should serve on the bench.”

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