Northeastern University Throws a Lifeline to Mills College

In March 2021, Mills College, a liberal arts educational institution for women in Oakland, California, that was founded in 1852, announced plans to end degree programs and transition to an academic institute. (See WIAReport post.) The college has faced financial difficulties for several years, had cut several academic programs, and deferred faculty salary increases. In 2018, the college cut tuition in half.

Now, Northeastern Univerity in Boston has stepped in with a new proposal that would maintain Mills College as a degree-granting institution under the global umbrella of Northeastern University. Under the proposal, the granting of degrees on the Mills campus under the name Mills College at Northeastern University would be maintained. All students currently enrolled at Mills College would have the option to continue and graduate from Mills or apply to transfer to Northeastern at no additional cost. All existing financial aid commitments made to current Mills’ students would be honored by Northeastern. Northeastern also stated that it would establish the  Mills Institute, a hub for research and advocacy that wouldadvance women’s leadership, equity, inclusion, and social justice. The undergraduate college would admit both men and women.

Mills College president resident Elizabeth Hillman said in a statement to the campus community that “the college is pursuing negotiations with Northeastern because its leaders understand and support the vital contributions Mills offers, and because we share a vision of what education can and must be in the coming decades. The missions of Mills and Northeastern are aligned through our shared commitment to access, social justice, and urban engagement.”

Joseph E. Aoun, president of Northeastern University, added that “together with our colleagues at Mills, we are seeking to create something truly unique in higher education. Northeastern’s history and enduring focus on inclusion and empowering people from all backgrounds to realize educational and lifelong success is in perfect congruence with Mills and its ideals. Not only are our missions aligned, but by combining our signature strengths, we can create new and distinctive opportunities that extend and enhance our collective priorities.”

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