The School Science and Mathematics Association Names Its Next Leader

Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, a professor of STEM Education and associate dean for clinical preparation and partnerships in the College of Education at the University of Kentucky, has been elected president of the School Science and Mathematics Association.

“I have been a member of SSMA since 2005 as a graduate student,” Dr. Mohr-Schroeder said. ‘The association’s efforts to build a community of leaders within and across STEM, advance knowledge through research and use that research to make an impact on our communities directly aligns with my career focus and passion. It will be an honor to serve as president and help advance the work of the association.

“I believe that the next five years in education will be a moment of tremendous change and pivoting,” Professor Mohr-Schroder continued. “I strongly believe that SSMA is situated well to respond to this moment of change. I look forward to working together with our membership, especially through networking, our scholarly work, advocacy and the community capacity we’ve built.”

The School Science and Mathematics Association is the world’s oldest STEM organization, dating back to 1901. In addition to hosting a national convention, the association publishes the School Science and Mathematics Journal, and the newsletter, Mathematic-Science Connector.

Dr. Mohr-Schroeder has been a faculty member at the University of Kentucky since 2006. She began her career as a junior high, high school, community college, and college mathematics instructor.

Dr. Mohr-Schroeder holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics from Pittsburg State University in Kansas. She earned a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction with a concentration in mathematics education from Texas A&M University.

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