Tamara Bertrand Jones Awarded the Presidential Medal From the Association for the Study of Higher Education

Tamara Bertrand Jones, an associate professor of higher education in the College of Education at Florida State University, received the Presidential Medal from the Association for the Study of Higher Education. The award is given to individuals for “exemplary achievements and contributions to the study of higher education through research, leadership or service to ASHE and the field of higher education.”

Dr. Bertrand Jones’ research examines the sociocultural influences on socialization during graduate education and the professional experiences of underrepresented populations, particularly Black women, in academia. She is a founder and past president of Sisters of the Academy Institute, an international organization that promotes collaborative scholarship and networking among Black women in the academy. Dr. Bertrand Jones is co-author of Cultivating Leader Identity and Capacity in Students from Diverse Backgrounds (Jossey-Bass, 2013).

The award notification states: “Tamara Bertrand Jones consistently develops institutional change at a systemic level, combats ‘scarcity mentality’ in that she filled a void in needed support of others, and creates space for others to grow and shine. While making change, she has also developed structures that will ensure the success and sustainability of her change initiatives, even if/when she is no longer involved.”

Dr. Bertrand Jones is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where she majored in journalism. She holds a master’s degree in higher education and a Ph.D. in research and evaluation methods from Florida State University

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