University of Missouri-Kansas City Revamps Its Women’s and Gender Studies Offerings

The University of Missouri-Kansas City announced it is combining its Black studies, Latin American studies, and women’s studies programs into a new academic department. The new Race, Ethnic, and Gender/Sexuality department allows for an intersectional learning program in which students are able to take classes that discuss all three of the fields.

Classes will be related to a plethora of topics, from race in the financial field to the study of gender in various cultures. Under the current curriculum, students can obtain a minor in any of the areas. However, there is not a major for the department at this time.

Toya Like, an associate professor of criminology at the university was named interim chair of the new department. “The goal is the understanding of diversity, making sure students have an in-depth exploration of the world of race, ethnicity, and gender,” Dr. Like said.

Professor Like joined the faculty at the University of Missouri – Kansas City in 2006. Her research focuses in two primary areas: (1) contextual and individual-level characteristics on risks for violent victimization, and (2) intersections of inequality across characteristics such as race, gender, and class on crime and justice-related outcomes.

Dr. Like holds a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a Ph.D. all in criminology and criminal justice and all from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

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