Cedar Crest College to Launch a Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program

Cedar Crest College, a liberal arts educational institution for women in Allentown, Pennsylvania, has launched an entry-level occupational therapy doctorate program. The full-time, doctoral program, which can be completed in 33 months, aims to develop ethical occupational therapy leaders who are committed to clinical excellence, scientifically informed practice, advocacy for occupational justice and positive social change, and serving the health and occupational needs of diverse populations.

“The program’s combination of coursework, research, and fieldwork experiences provides students with an expanded lens to view and understand concepts such as occupational justice, healthcare management, advocacy, leadership and preventative health,” says William Wrightsman, founding director of the program. “Graduates of the Cedar Crest program will be equipped to work in traditional healthcare settings and emerging areas of practice such as health promotion, chronic disease management, and aging in place.”

Students will explore the field of occupational therapy through community-based and emerging practice sites, particularly those that attend to underserved populations, and developing relationships with innovative practice areas for student fieldwork and capstone exercises. The first cohort of students for the program is expected to begin in the fall of 2021.

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