The University of Arkansas Opens the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Center

The University of Arkansas has established the Campus Sexual and Relationship Violence Center. Located in the university’s health center, the new space offers the campus community a visible and dedicated space for survivors of sexual and relationship violence. The space recently underwent renovations to increase safety, confidentiality, and office space for providing advocacy services and outreach efforts.

Mary Alice Serafini, associate vice chancellor for student affairs and executive director for the health center, stated that “we are so very pleased to introduce this enhanced resource to our campus community. The addition of the Sexual and Relationship Violence Center is yet another impactful step we have made to reinforce the university’s commitment against sexual and relationship violence. We want survivors of sexual and relationship violence to know that this space is for them. We want survivors to find community where they belong and where they are valued.”

The Sexual and Relationship Violence Center — which is different than the office of Title IX — strengthens the health center’s efforts to further partner with other university offices and departments to be involved in prevention and response efforts. “It’s not enough to have the services if students don’t know about them. Creating this center provides an opportunity for us to offer a single-entry point for students seeking assistance and information,” said Mary Wyandt-Hiebert, director of the Sexual and Relationship Violence Center. “The newly dedicated space provides a warm and comfortable environment and makes it much easier for students to identify where to come.”


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