Recent Books of Interest to Women Scholars

Women in Academia Report regularly publishes a list of new books that may be of interest to our readers. The books included are on a wide variety of subjects and present many different points of view. The opinions expressed in these books do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board of WIAReport. As an Amazon Associate, WIAReport will earn a fraction of revenue from qualifying purchases.

Here are the latest selections. Click on any of the titles for more information or to purchase through Amazon.

Athena Rising:
How and Why Men Should Mentor Women

by W. Brad Johnson and David G. Smith
(Harvard Business Review)

Ellen N. La Motte:
Nurse, Writer, Activist

by Lea Williams
(Manchester University Press)

From Aphra Behn to Fun Home:
A Cultural History of Feminist Theater

by Carey Purcell
(Rowman & Littlefield Publishers)

Gender and Family in Japan
edited by Nobuka Okuda and Tetsuhiko Takai

Gender in the Middle East and North Africa:
Contemporary Issues and Challenges

edited by J. Michael Ryan and Helen Rizzo
(Lynne Rienner Publishers)

Horrible Mothers:
Representations Across Francophone North America

edited by Loic Bourdeau
(University of Nebraska Press)

Integrating Gender in Agricultural Development:
Learnings from South Pacific Contexts

edited by Lila Singh-Peterson and Michelle Carnegie
(Emerald Publishing)

Breastfeeding, Race, and Injustice

by Andrea Freeman
(Stanford University Press)

The Encyclopedia of Women and Crime
edited by Frances P. Bernat and Kelly Frailing

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