University of Wyoming Will Create Four New Jobs Aimed at Preventing and Responding to Sexual Assault

The University of Wyoming has announced that it will create four new jobs as part of its No More Campaign, an effort that aims to provide more resources to prevent and respond to sexual assault on campus.

After approval from the board of trustees, three new positions will be staffed in 2020: a student-athlete well-being coordinator, a psychology graduate assistant for the trauma and sexual assault prevention laboratory, and a diversity specialist and investigator in the Equal Opportunity Report and Response office. In 2021, a sexual assault prevention educator position will be added.

“I just think it’s critically important that any university, and certainly the University of Wyoming, be very attentive to what we’re doing around sexual assault and overall campus safety,” said President Laurie Nichols during a recent trustees’ budget committee meeting. “We are addressing sexual assault in a much more comprehensive, and actually aggressive, manner.”

In addition to the new positions, the university plans to establish the Green Dot Sexual Assault Violence Prevention Program. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the implementation of this program at other institutions has led to an 11 percent lower rate of sexual harassment and stalking victimization and a 19 percent lower rate of sexual harassment and stalking perpetration when compared to two non-intervention campuses.

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