Yale School of Medicine Displays New Exhibit Featuring Portraits of Notable Women Faculty

The Yale School of Medicine (YSM) has launched Aperture: Portraits of Women Faculty in Medicine, a photo exhibit featuring women faculty at the medical school. It is on display in the Sterling Hall of Medicine through January 2020.

The new exhibit is the first to be sponsored by the YSM Committee on Art in Public Spaces (CAPS). Formed this past January, CAPS aims to develop an approach to the artwork displayed in public spaces at YSM that is inclusive, thoughtful, and intentional, reflecting the diversity of the school’s community.

Each of the women featured in the exhibit was asked to provide a statement about advice she would give her younger self, what she would say to inspire the next generation of women, and what led her to choose her career path. Many of the portraits included in Aperture were commissioned as part of the celebration commemorating 100 Years of Women at YSM in 2018 and donated to the school by photographer Robert Lisak.

Among the included paintings is a recently unveiled oil portrait of the late Dr. Carolyn Walch Slayman, who was deputy dean for academic and scientific affairs, Sterling Professor of Genetics, and professor of cellular and molecular physiology. A second set of portraits of women faculty will replace those currently on display sometime in August, with a celebratory event planned for September.

“Besides highlighting women faculty, our hope is that the exhibit will motivate young women to pursue careers in science and medicine,” said Darin Latimore, chair of CAPS and deputy dean for diversity and inclusion at YSM. He recounted how he recently encountered an elementary-school aged African American girl whose grandmother works at the medical school. The two read a few of the women’s statements out loud together. “The young lady grew taller and more confident right before my eyes,” he said, adding that she expressed a desire to become a doctor. “She exemplifies why it is important that our art reflects the rich diversity of our communities. I am sure that Aperture allowed her to see what is possible.”

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