Another All Women’s College Is Fading Into History

The Sage Colleges in Troy and Albany, New York, have announced a new strategic plan to combine its separate colleges into one, unified coeducational school. Currently the institution describes itself as five separate colleges spread over two campuses, one of which is Russell Sage College, an all women’s school.

The two campuses of the Sage Colleges are distinct in the programs that they offer. However, since Russell Sage College is an all women’s school, the prospective male students of Sage College of Albany are often led to believe that certain programs are off limits to them. By unifying the individual Sage Colleges, the institution believes it will strengthen its message and name recognition while maximizing the benefits and minimizing the inefficiencies of the two locations.

In an effort to honor Russell Sage’s longtime commitment to women’s education, a new, yet-to-be-named Women’s Institute will be established at the new unified institution. The institute will focus on women’s empowerment, leadership, and gender inclusivity and examine the prominent gender-related issues that exist in today’s society. In addition to classes, it will also provide an all-women residential option for students as well as extra-curricular activities and public programs.

“Sage must meet the needs of current and future students in an effective and easy-to-understand fashion,” said Christopher Ames, president of The Sage Colleges, in a press release. “To do so, we are developing a plan to unify as one college with two campuses. That unity will allow us to clarify our image in the marketplace for prospective students and enhance the ability of all of our students to take advantage of the offerings in Albany and Troy. What Sage offers — excellent professional preparation across the disciplines in a small college environment strongly supportive of student success — applies throughout all our programs and to everyone in our diverse student body.”

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