Princeton University President Issues Plan to Review the School’s Policies on Sexual Misconduct by Faculty

President of Princeton University Christopher L. Eisgruber and dean of the faculty Sanjeev Kulkarni have tasked the Faculty Advisory Committee on Policy (FACP) to review a report from a faculty-student committee that recommends changes to the rules governing sexual misconduct by faculty members.

Last spring the Faculty-Student Committee on Sexual Misconduct suggested that the university strengthen its policies that prohibit sexual misconduct and its procedures for responding to complaints against faculty members. President Eisgruber and Dean Kulkarni urged the FACP to take their time to generate the best possible proposal for further improvements to Princeton’s policies on sexual misconduct. The pair also clarified that the “minimum penalty in any case of sexual harassment must be a one-year unpaid suspension from the faculty.”

“This University can and should be a leader in creating an environment where all students, staff, and faculty can achieve their full potential,” Eisgruber and Kulkarni said. “We look forward to working with the FACP, the faculty, the trustees, and the Princeton community to make changes that will improve our rules, procedures, and practices, and that ensure that we create a safe, respectful and equitable learning environment for everyone on this campus.”

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