Colorado State University Offers a New Bachelor’s Degree Program in Women’s and Gender Studies

The College of Liberal Arts at Colorado State University is now offering a bachelor’s degree program in women’s and gender studies. There has been a women’s studies program at the university for the past 40 years in the form of an interdisciplinary minor, an undergraduate certificate, and a graduate certificate. Now for the first time, undergraduate students can earn a degree in the field. The bachelor of arts in women’s and gender studies is housed in the department of ethnic studies at Colorado State.

“A women’s and gender studies degree is not only relevant to navigating today’s complex, interconnected, and interdependent world, it also provides a framework for students to apply to their academic, professional, and personal lives,” said Caridad Souza, director of The Center for Women’s and Gender Research. “By taking courses from different areas, students explore academic disciplines from a feminist and gender studies perspectives and recognize how multiple systems of power and privilege intersect in our everyday lives.”

Dr. Souza holds a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in comparative ethnic studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

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