Hollins University Partners With Virginia Tech to Give Women Students Research Opportunities

Hollins University, the educational institution for women in Roanoke, Virginia, has signed an agreement with the Global Change Center at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University that will lead to summer research opportunities for Hollins University students at Virginia Tech.

Under the agreement, students from Hollins University will participate in the 10-week Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. They will receive free housing and will be paid a stipend from Hollins University. Virginia Tech will supply laboratory space, supplies, equipment and mentors for the undergraduate students.

William Hopkins, a professor of fish and wildlife conservation and director of the Global Change Center at Virginia Tech, stated that the partnership “has the dual goals of providing undergraduate research opportunities while simultaneously recruiting these same undergraduates to Virginia Tech for graduate school. One of the most important factors leading to a student’s success in graduate school is an effective mentor-mentee relationship. This partnership allows both the mentee and mentor to assess whether they are a good match before fully committing to a longer-term professional endeavor.”


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