Mills College Offers the Details of Its Financial Stabilization Plan

Mills College Financial Stabilization PlanIn May, Mills College, a liberal arts educational institution for women in Oakland, California, announced a “Blueprint for Restructuring” to deal with a persistent deficit. The blueprint offered general guidelines. Now the board of trustees has approved the details of the restructuring plan.

Among the provisions of the restructuring plan are:

  • A 90-day hiring freeze for non-critical employees and the elimination of some staff positions.
  • A plan to save 15 percent in discretionary operating expenses.
  • The elimination of the college’s contribution to employee 403b retirement plans for one year.
  • The number of academic departments will be reduced from 18 to 13 in order to reduce administrative costs.
  • Delaying faculty raises.
  • Eliminating the Latin American studies and philosophy majors and minor programs in creative writing in Spanish, physics, government, and Latin American studies.
  • Eliminating the master’s degree program in mathematics and the master of fine arts degree program in translation.

Very few students will be impacted by the elimination of academic programs. There are only three philosophy majors and one student who was majoring in Latin American studies.

In announcing the Financial Stabilization Plan, Mills College President Elizabeth L. Hillman stated, “I appreciate the passion that so many have for our mission and students, and I look forward to building a solid financial foundation for a revitalized Mills.”


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