Penn State’s Amy Freeman is the New Leader of the Women in Engineering ProActive Network

Amy Freeman, assistant dean of engineering outreach and inclusion at Pennsylvania State University was elected president of the Women in Engineering ProActive Network (WEPAN), headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. She will serve one year as president.

“I am excited to contribute to an organization that is focused on positively enhancing the academic and professional culture of engineering,” said Dr. Freeman. “One of WEPAN’s long-term goals is to achieve 50 percent women in the profession by 2050. I look forward to working with our strong network of men and women across the nation to bring us closer to this benchmark.”

Before joining the staff at Penn State in 2000 as director of the multicultural engineering program, Dr. Freeman was director of human and cultural diversity at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Freeman is a graduate of Washington State University, where she majored in construction management. She holds a master’s degree in architectural engineering and a doctorate in workforce education and development from Pennsylvania State University.

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