Meredith College Report Examines the Status of Girls in the State of North Carolina

Meredith College, the liberal arts educational institution for women in Raleigh, North Carolina, recently released the latest edition of its report The Status of Girls in North Carolina. The report includes data on poverty, education, media engagement, physical health, mental health, sexual health, leadership and civic engagement, crime, and victimization of crime.

Among the data relating to education, the report found:

  • The high school graduation rate among girls in North Carolina is very high for all racial and ethnic groups.
  • The percentage of girls participating in high school athletics has continued to increase over the past decade.
  • Girls hold two thirds of all student government offices in high school in North Carolina.

The project is under the direction of Amie Hess, an associate professor of sociology at Meredith College. She stated that “our mission is to empower women leaders. This update continues our commitment to providing concise, usable information to help our communities foster growth, leadership, and safety for the girls of North Carolina.”

Jo Allen, president of Meredith College, added, “we know that as any individual girl makes progress, her impact on others may also inspire change. In short, as girls make progress, our state makes progress.”

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