Student Protests Grip the Campus of Salem College in North Carolina

Salem College is a private liberal arts educational institution for women in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It enrolls a highly diverse student body of about 1,100 students.

Recently, a sit-in protest was held on the Salem campus by approximately 100 students. The students started the protest by leaving class and marching to Main Hall. They issued a 10-page list of grievances that said the college fosters a culture of racism, sexism, and elitism. The students stated that living conditions on campus needed to be improved and complained of faculty racism. They called for the college to admit any student who identifies as a woman.

The student document stated that “you’ve had your chance to ignore this, but now it’s in your face. Pay attention. It’s past time you take steps to implement the rights, policies and demands necessary to alleviate the inequity and discrimination that permeate every facet of Salem College.”

The university issued a statement which said in part: “We care deeply about our students, and we acknowledge the importance of the concerns that they have raised. We commit to working with students, faculty, staff, administration and the boards in order to respond to the call to action.”

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