Indiana University Just Says No to Student Athletes With a History of Sexual Violence

Indiana University in Bloomington has adopted a new policy that disqualifies any prospective student-athlete with a history of sexual or domestic violence from participating in any intercollegiate activities, including competition, or receiving athletically related financial aid. The policy applies to any prospective student who has been convicted or pleaded no contest to a sexual violence felony. Students who have been found responsible for sexual violence by a judicial authority at another college or university will also be ineligible for participation in intercollegiate sports at Indiana University.

Under the new policy, coaches and athletics personnel involved in recruiting players will be required to access all “publicly available information” about prospective players and their prior conduct, including a criminal background check and a review of their online activities.

Fred Glass, vice president and director of athletics at Indiana University, said that “this policy is designed to help protect all members of the Indiana University community. We see it as an important extension of the principles set forth in our Student Conduct Policy. My hope is that we are leading in this area, and that other athletic departments will follow with similar policies that fit their institutions.”

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